My family have been going here for years. Friendly and warm service from a family run business. They are always accommodating and very helpful. They have a beautiful range of glasses and extremely professional. If they don’t have something in stock they will do everything to make sure you get what you want! Great opticians that offer a personal touch. Highly recommended.

Johanna Bolinder

“I highly recommend the Kensington Eye Centre! My husband and I have been coming here for several years now. We live in the states and during one of our annual trips to London, we had the good fortune to wander into their Eye Centre to try on frames. We have been hooked ever since—what a fabulous find! We now schedule our eye exams to coincide with when we are going to be in London so we can get our eyes checked and purchase our lenses and frames from them. They have a wide variety of stylish frames to choose from and they are so helpful in assisting us with choosing a style that works well with our face and personality. I have dry eye and also wear contact lenses, so Pooja’s expertise with this has been very reassuring. I was originally reluctant to transition to progressive lenses for my glasses and my contact lenses, but with Pooja’s gentle encouragement, I finally made the switch and I am so happy that I did. They are very professional, knowledgeable and experts in their field. They keep up-to-date on the latest technology. They even went to the expense of adding a 3D OCT camera so that they can detect and monitor potential problems much earlier. In addition to their expertise, they are very warm and caring and a pleasure to be around. We actually look forward to our yearly exams! :)”

My wife Jessica and I moved to London two years ago (March ’14) and I needed to quickly find an eye dr. as I had word contacts and had some previous issues with my eyes.  I had a chance to meet with Pooja and Anish, and quickly realised that I found the absolute right folks.  They were thorough in their exams as well as explaining to me about how to continue to manage the health of my eyes.  They also pointed out that I needed to “get back” to wearing glasses, which I did “somewhat” reluctantly.  I shortly become more comfortable and now wear my glasses quite often, and I can see a significant different in my eyes and vision.  I then coerced my wife into coming in for an appointment, and she has had the same experience.  She now wears her glasses when reading and in the evenings, and she can also see a difference in her overall vision.  Pooja and Anish were not pushy, but very informative and helpful in ensuring we both were equipped with the information necessary … and now both are feeling and seeing better.  The Kensington Eye Centre’s professionalism, flexibility and candour were all factors that both my wife Jessica and I have become much better about the health of our eyes and we have Pooja and Anish to thank for the extra push.  Family oriented and took a real concern/interest in not only the health of our eyes, but just our family in general.  I would recommend them to absolutely anyone.  Great Optometrists and even better people.

Kensington Eye Centre is more than an Optometrist, more than a place to get glasses and contacts.  It is a longstanding local establishment where they know and take an interest in their clients,  paying particular attention to the health and well-being of their clients vision.  Whether it is getting your vision tested, assessing the health of your eyes, helping you select the appropriate glasses which both correct vision and suit your face and personality, assisting with the correct contact lenses and even the correct contact solutions, or just offering a friendly hello to the locals, the staff are always highly professional, friendly and personable.

– This is feedback in regards to our coloured lens filters

What I find that makes the coloured lenses effective for increasing my reading speed is that they allow the eye to differentiate between characters on a page more easily than on its own. It’s not simply a case of the letters being crisper or clearer – although, that they are – it is a case of being able to read though a line of text without “tripping” over a word because the letters stay in place.

In early 2013 I experienced a negative reaction to some types of lighting that made me very tired, sad and slow. I also have epilepsy and this too was worsened by the effect of some types of lighting. Kensington Eye Centre recommended that I use tinted clipon lenses over my glasses to protect me from the ill effects of the artificial lighting. My reaction to light was evaluated and green tinted clipon lenses recommended. I’ve used them ever since when going out and the problem with tiredness and feeling down hasn’t come back. The frequency of the epileptic fits has also returned to normal and I am very grateful to the optometrist at the Kensington Eye Centre.