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Our thorough Kensington eye examinations will establish the standard and health of your vision.

At Kensington Eye Centre, we passionate about providing accurate and detailed eye exams to ensure your eyes are as healthy as possible, and to detect any issues early. Our qualified resident optometrist, Ms Pooja Vardhaman BSc, MCOptom ASvP, has over 14 years experience, so you can rest assured that your Kensington eye exam will be carried out to the high standards needed to establish the accurate health of your eyes.

Kensington Eye Centre uses cutting-edge optical technology to check for the early signs of high blood pressure, diabetes, cataracts and glaucoma, as well as examining your vision in detail. You will also receive easy to digest information and advice regarding the health of your eyes and advice on any corrective prescriptions you may require.

We will then tell you when you need to next have an eye examination, depending on the health of your vision.

Maintain your vision with Kensington Eye Centre

Should you notice any changes in your vision, no matter how insignificant, you must tell our optometrist as soon as possible. This enables the team at Kensington Eye Centre to conduct the necessary tests on your eyesight and assess the causes of the change to your vision.

NHS eye exams Kensington

Our Kensington eye exams usually cost £40.00, but you may be entitled to a free NHS eye exam if:

  • You are under 16*
  • You are under 19 and in full-time education*
  • You are over 60
  • You are on low income support, or income-based job seekers allowance
  • You receive working families tax credit or disabled persons tax credit
  • You require complex lenses
  • You suffer from glaucoma or diabetes
  • You are over 40 and the relative of someone suffering with glaucoma

*Children under 16 or 19 in full time education will receive a voucher on the NHS, which can be used towards the cost of spectacles.

For more information on our Kensington NHS eye exams and private eye exams in Kensington, please call 0207 937 8282 or contact us online to make an appointment.

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