From mild irritation to persistent discomfort, dry eyes have the ability to severely affect your work and social life and can even cause lasting damage to the surface of your eyes. So many people suffer with dry eyes in silence, but at Kensington Eye Centre, our Kensington dry eye clinic works to provide you with the individual treatment needed to alleviate your symptoms.

Dry eye symptoms

There are a number of symptoms related to dry eyes, and many people experience a combination of the following:

  • Foreign body, or gritty sensation in the eye
  • Discomfort such as burning or stinging
  • Red eyes
  • Tired eyes when reading, using a computer or watching TV
  • Watery eyes
  • Contact lens discomfort

Kensington dry eye clinic

When you come to our Kensington dry eye clinic, our skilled and experienced optometrist will assess both the anterior eye and three layers of the tear film, before determining the best treatments for your symptoms.

Dry eyes are an ongoing, chronic condition, and you will need to make follow up appointments whenever necessary to maintain your eyes in the best possible condition and minimise the uncomfortable symptoms of dry eyes.

Why choose Kensington Eye Centre?

With over 12 years’ experience, our Kensington dry eye clinic will quickly and efficiently assess your dry eye symptoms and one of our experienced optometrists will provide you with treatment for real, noticeable results. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest levels of service and customer care for dry eyes in Kensington.

Our dry eye clinic is charged a professional fee as the service is not covered by the NHS.

For more information about our dry eye clinic in Kensington, feel free to contact us online or call 0207 937 8282 to book an appointment today.