“Providing Exceptional Quality Eyecare in Kensington for over 30 years”

Welcome to Kensington Eye Centre

Do you want peace of mind that your vision is in good health?

As independent opticians, Kensington Eye Centre is dedicated to giving you peace of mind that your vision is in good health. Our high quality eye wear will not only help you achieve accurate vision, but accentuate your unique style and beauty.

At Kensington Eye Centre, we offer a wide range of services dedicated to the health of your eyes. Our Kensington opticians have the qualifications and experience to carry out high quality eye examinations and protect the most precious of your senses.

Specialist eye care services in Kensington

As well as providing professional eye exams, children’s eye exams and offering corporate eye care services, Kensington Eye Centre offers a range of specialist opticians’ services to ensure your eyes remain healthy, including:

• Dry eye clinic
• Dyslexia assessment
• Home visits
• OCT (ocular coherence tomography) and retinal screening
• Orthokeratology
• Specialist sports eyewear

Stylish glasses and contact lenses to suit you

Kensington Eye Centre pride ourselves on offering a wide range of optical solutions to meet the needs of your eyes and style, such as:

• High quality prescription glasses, including single vision, bifocal glasses and varifocal glasses.
• Contact lenses for flexibility and freedom from frames. We offer daily, weekly, monthly and extended use contact lenses to meet your needs.
• Designer sunglasses to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, reflected light and glare.

For more information about how Kensington Eye Centre can provide you with professional opticians services to improve the health of your vision, call us on 0207 937 8282 or contact us to book an appointment today.


Eye Examination

Our resident qualified optometrist has more than 25 years experience and will complete your eye examination in order to establish if any optical correction is required and to check the health of your eyes.


Contact Lenses

Contact lenses not only correct your vision, they also provide freedom and flexibility. With daily disposables there is no cleaning necessary – you can wear them occasionally or regularly and throw them away when you are finished with them.


Home Visits

We understand that not everyone is able to make it to our Chelsea and Kensington practices to complete thorough eye examinations. With this in mind, we offer a domiciliary service that is second to none.


Dyslexic Screening

People with specific learning difficulties have problems with certain areas of academic performance, yet do well in other subjects and are generally intelligent.


SAME DAY SERVICE on most lens prescriptions including high complex prescriptions. We also provide a 2-3 working day turnaround on varifocals.

We stock frames for larger or smaller heads.

We provide BESPOKE clip ons for all frames. They can be rimmed that clip all the way round the frame (like prongs) and fit to any frame including rimless design), or rimless magnetic (Chemistrie) clip ons which attach to the lenses via tiny magnets inserted on the lenses. These clip ons can be polarised of normal sun lenses, or have different filters/colours incorporated.

Transition Lenses

We provide transition lenses in various fashion colours including;
Amethyst, sapphire, amber and emerald, available in standard (1.5) and thinner lenses (1.6 and 1.67). These transitions are also availble in standard varifocals.